The image is the sign post in front of the ECB.

Draghi asks Euro governments to do more, as ECB reiterates stand

The European Central Bank, according to its president Mario Draghi, is reassuring the European Union that it is ready to put in more money to stimulate the economy. He also called on the governments of the Union to do more in making the Euro economy better for everyone.
space x

SpaceX rocket self-destructs over Texas

A reusable rocket of private spaceflight company SpaceX exploded after launch in McGregor, Texas on ...
isis demands ransom

ISIS demands $6.6 ransom for release of American hostage

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has demanded that the U.S. government pay $6.6 million in ransom and release a Muslim woman prisoner in exchange for the life and freedom of an American woman the terrorist group is holding hostage.
ron howard and tom hanks

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard to film another Dan Brown adaptation

Tom Hanks is once again Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in another Dan Brown adaptation titled, "Inferno." Set to shoot in April, "Inferno" will also be directed by Ron Howard, the third installment of the continuing saga that follows Robert Langdon's suspense adventures into the mysteries of the unknown.