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Top Micro Cap Picks For 2013

The Best Micro Cap Stocks for 2013

Here’s our top micro cap stocks for 2013 from a variety of sectors. You can do some more research about each of these in our markets section.

GlyECo, Inc. ($GLYE)

A North American green chemistry company developing technology based around recycling operational waste. A relatively young company.

Abtech Holdings, Inc. ($ABHD)

Abtech works with bettering water pollution by providing cutting-edge solutions, like “Smart Sponge Popcorn.”

Derma Sciences Inc. ($DSCI)

Derma Sciences is a medical company that offers wound care and dressings. The stock has been performing well throughout the past year.

Circle Star Energy Corp. ($CRCL)

Involved in acquiring and developing oil and natural gas exploration in the U.S.

Neuralstem, Inc. ($CUR)

A biopharmaceutical company studying various stem cell applications. This stock may bloom in the future due to their area of interest.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc. ($RMCF)

Rocky Mountain is a retailer and manufacturer of 300 different chocolate candies. They also have several franchise locations that serve frozen yogurt.

Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. ($BREW)

This company offers several selections of craft brew from different locations in the United States. They also operate five pubs and sell apparel and other branded merchandise.

Homeowners Choice, Inc. ($HCI)

Based out of Florida, HCI offers property and casualty insurance.

Keynote Systems, Inc. ($KEYN)

Keynote is a provider of cloud-based software for management purposes across the globe.

The York Water Company ($YORW)

This company purifies and distributes drinking water throughout Pennsylvania. The stock is currently on a hike.