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The Micro Cap Market Mining: Graphite

Graphite Micro Cap Stocks to Watch

The market place for Graphite mining has been exploding lately. While China controls 69% of the graphite market, the domestic arena is making some fighting moves. More domestic resources are being explored and more and more deposits are being discovered by innovative businesses. Graphite is mined and then sold domestically and internationally to be used to make things like mobile phones, fuel cells, and car parts. Apple has specifically upped the demand for batteries and graphite due to demand for more electronic devices. The same goes for car companies who produce electronic cars, which is a product that needs a large amount of graphite meaning the growing popularity of electric and hybrid cars could make this type of resource literally precious. Here are several domestic Graphite Stocks that are performing well.

  • USA Graphite Inc. – $USGT  -  A domestic graphite company interested in acquisitions and explorations. They just acquired 100% ownership of Blue Wing Mountain Graphite out of Nevada, with a land exploration area covering approximately 1,985 acres.
  • Graphite Corp. – $GRPH - Nevada based company concentrating on domestic graphite deposits. They also explore precious metal and rare earth opportunities to advance their portfolio.
  • National Graphite Corp. – $NGRC - Looks to build relationships with companies who need graphite and provide them with U.S. derived graphite resources.