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Apple’s Upcoming Releases To Battle Android – $AAPL

iPhone 5s Rumored For This Fall $AAPL 

It’s about that time of year that Apple starts making some updates. The iPhone 5s, which is an upgraded iPhone 5, is expected to have a faster processor as well as a more advanced camera and is rumored to be released this August. Another rumor claims it may come in various colors as well as various screen sizes. Along with the release, a lower cost iPhone 5 will be launched. Further updates include a new release of iOS 7 and a first-ever integration of fingerprint identification. Apple is also rumored to release a fifth-generation iPad as soon as April.


Apple needs to keep the attention of smartphone costumers because the Android market has officially surpassed Apple by almost 5% of the entire market.  In 2012, analysts say that Apple waited too long to launch the iPhone 5 which may have let competitors get in on some of the action in the market resulting in losing their first-place position. Moreover, Apple’s market cap has decreased yet again, down to $394.5 billion which is its lowest since 2011. Not to mention the truth that Apple’s shares have been on a continuous low streak for the past 6 months; dropping down more than 37%. Check out Apple’s ($AAPL) past and current quotes here.