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Samsung’s New Galaxy S VI Will Have Eye-Tracking Capabilities

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Samsung’s newest galaxy smartphone due out in mid-March is already much anticipated, but this news really puts it over the edge. There’s a recent leak that revealed a new feature, eye-tracking software that will enable touch-free scrolling. Apparently, when reading an article or looking through a webpage, when you reach the bottom of the screen the page will automatically scroll to the next few paragraphs, all delineated by the movement of your eyes. Even though the source that leaked the information, has no indication on how exactly the device will be able to track a user’s eyeballs, it’s all a bit mysterious. People have already started to wonder if a feature like this can be deactivated or not, inciting a bit of unease in relation to personal privacy.


There will be a Galaxy S IV press conference event in New York on March 14th, but apparently this feature won’t be revealed or demonstrated, according to the anonymous source.Samsung has recently patented “Eye Pause” and “Samsung Eye Scroll” without any description of what it is or what it does, not publicly at least. Samsungs’s previous Galaxy S, already has software that keeps the screen lit when your face is looking at it, so this may just be an upgrade. Stay tuned to see when this phone hits the market.