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The Ups And Downs Of American Apparel $APP

Incredible Q4 Reports For Domestic Clothing Brand American Apparel $APP 

From almost facing bankruptcy about two years ago, to being accused of pornography  American Apparel has kept our attention as being loyal to the American fashionista. They are a provider of domestically made, labor-friendly fashionable clothes in many locations across the U.S. and internationally. The thought of their almost falling out of business a few years ago is a dim memory because the company is showing that it’s performing better than ever; making a profit for the first time since 2010.

American Apparel is considered a small retail company with a market cap under $140 million. Their Q4 2012 earnings revealed a $17.8 million income compared to Q4 2011 which came in at $9.1 million. Online sales were also up 11% in Q4, contributing to a 42% increase for the entire year in digital sales. The year’s closing shows American Apparel’s current and future momentum and ability for growth. Since January, the stock has risen from under $1.20 to about $1.65. Sales for 2013 are expected to be between $625 and $660 million.