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Novelos Therapeutics, Inc. $NVLT

Novelos Therapeutics, Inc. $NVLT


Novelos Therapeutics, Inc. (NVLT)

Novelos Therapeutics, Inc., a pharmaceutical company, engages in developing compounds for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. The company’s three cancer-targeted compounds, referred to as LIGHT, HOT, and GLOW2 are selectively taken up and retained in cancer cells, including cancer stem cells, versus normal cells. These therapeutic compounds appear to directly kill cancer cells while minimizing harm to normal cells. LIGHT (I-124-CLR1404) is a small-molecule, cancer-targeted imaging agent that is in Phase 1-2 trials for the detection of tumors and metastases in a range of cancers. HOT (I-131-CLR1404) is a small-molecule, cancer-targeted molecular radiotherapeutic that is in Phase 1b dose-escalation trial for the treatment of cancer. GLOW2 is a small-molecule, cancer-targeted, non-radioactive optical imaging agent for intraoperative tumor margin illumination and non-invasive tumor imaging. It is also developing other preclinical compounds that consist of COLD (CLR1404), a cancer-targeted chemotherapy that is used in various types of cancers. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Company Data

Industry: Biotechnology

Phone: 608-441-8120

Address: 3301 Agriculture Drive
Madison, WI 53716

Fiscal Year End: Dec 31


Mr. J. Patrick Genn ,
VP of Bus. Devel.
Dr. Christopher J. Pazoles Ph.D.,
Sr. VP of R&D
Dr. Simon Pedder Ph.D.,
Acting Chief Exec. Officer and Director
Dr. Jamey P. Weichert Ph.D.,
Founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Director
Ms. Joanne M. Protano ,
Chief Financial officer, Chief Accounting Officer, VP and Treasurer

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