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Since 1984,,through its predecessor company, performed an exclusive IR service for a very select and limited group of some of the largest and best-known companies on Wall Street through our “Fastest-Growing Companies”, “Shareholder Friendly Companies” and “Exceptional Companies” investor relations programs. IR Programs have been so well received by IR and Wall Street professionals that most Programs became “oversubscribed” shortly after becoming available. Some of’s best-know larger alumni include Amgen, Applied Materials, Biogen, BMC Software, Cooper Companies, Genentech, General Dynamics, Medtronic, Motorola, Raymond James Financial and Rent-A-Center.

Ten years later, in 1994,’s predecessor established one of the very first financial websites on the Internet and has operated continually since then under the service-marked name, During this time, it dramatically increased its coverage of microcap companies. found this area of the marketplace to be grossly under covered and presented a few outstanding investment opportunities that could be identified if time, intelligence and resources were spent to identify the approximately 15% it the microcap stocks that stand an excellent chance of not only surviving but thriving and becoming successful. We found that quite a few of the microcap companies that ranked in the top 15% for their outlook went on to become industry and market leaders, amply rewarding investors willing to assume above average risk with exceptional returns. Investors started showing so much attention to’s list of small companies with exceptional potential that the firm started a sister site at to profile these companies.


Jerrold D. Burden, President

Mr. Jerrold Burden is the founder of Wall-Street Media Co. and has been in the financial industry as a venture capitalist since the mid-1980’s funding and developing first stage companies, and assembling the initial team of experts required launching the companies. He has successfully completed reverse-mergers and acquisitions of numerous companies.

Mr. Burden has been the founder and President of numerous public companies since 1999. He has recently completed a reverse merger with Rodman & Renshaw out of New York in the bio sciences field. He is currently the President of Wall Street Media Co, Inc. (WSCO), a publicly traded company on the OTCBB, of which he founded and has taken public and is an operating, reporting and trading e-commerce company.

Mr. Burden has been involved in fundraising efforts for public and private companies, as well as selected charities. He has been actively involved in community projects and served as a Director of the Douglas County Economic Development Council. Mr. Burden studied in economics and business while he attended Western State College in Colorado. He is a veteran of the armed services and honorably discharged in 1974.

Pablo Davidov, Ph.D, MBA, Vice President & CTO

Dr Pablo Davidov is an expert in the field of Digital Marketing with a passion for the Internet, Social Media, and Innovation. He originally founded Americas Internet Marketing, a Google AdWords Certified Partner, in 2006. He held an Adjunct Faculty position at the University of Miami School of Business. He has also been quoted in and the subject of SEO. Being born and raised in Europe from South American parents and educated in the United States, Pablo has a multicultural background that offers a unique perspective on Strategy, and Marketing. He is fluent in Spanish, French, and English. He holds a Ph.D from UCLA, and a MBA from the University of Miami. Pablo’s Internet and Social Media Marketing skills have been applied to a wide variety of industries, including the financial, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and consumer products industries, among others. He was a regular TV contributor on Social Media for Telemundo, an International channel viewed in 32 countries, including the United States.

Scot Casseday, Vice President of Media Marketing

Scot Casseday is a marketing and advertising veteran with specific concentration in direct marketing strategies. He oversees all aspects of media planning, buying and execution for clientele with emphasis on audience/marketing delivery, effective ad placement, and cost efficiency. Mr. Casseday develops customized advertising strategies, efficient advertising plans/budgets based on ROI, and effective marketing mix strategies based on client objectives. He is accountable for all aspects of operations through vision and strategy, and provides financial overview and leadership for major operating considerations. Mr. Casseday worked as the Media Director at during the launch of the consumer brand and was integral to the growth of the company into a national ecommerce and travel brand. He has a well-developed vital network of business/industry contacts, and has developed indispensable strategic relationships with key executives opening a wide variety of channels in diverse markets. These partnerships are robust because of the value added services they collectively provide and have resulted in enhancing his dynamic ability to negotiate the best rates, and reach the right demographic markets in order for companies to realize the maximum return on investment. Scot has worked in the industry since 1986 and has extensive experience in both traditional retail and ecommerce marketing. He crafts and presents innovative media recommendations that expand target market and reach. Scot executes integrated marketing communication plans that maintain brand consistency, maximize target market reach at the most efficient cost and meet measurable objectives. Scot has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Ohio University.

Office: 877 222 0205 ext 203

Ronald Teblum, Director of Marketing and Research

Ronald Teblum brings years of experience to as a technologist with a strong background in marketing since 1980. Most recently, Mr. Teblum led the development of Wall Street Media Co, Inc. (WSCO) since April 2009, and will lead the technology development of

Mr. Teblum served as President of Mars Research since 1985. Mars Research specializes in both quantitative and qualitative research, providing marketing and research services to a large array of businesses in a broad range of industries ranging from small start-up organizations to Fortune 100 companies. Among these, include internationally known companies such as Burger King, and statewide companies such as the Florida Tourism Board. Most recently, the company has worked with Burger King Corporation to develop an innovative taste-test research facility in South Florida.

Mr. Teblum is the Chief Architect behind Mars Research’s interactive touch screen and online recruiting survey software used to automate the process for taste test respondents for Burger King. He was a consultant setting up a 50-seat call center for National Opinion Research Services, and developed IVR applications for touch-tone response in 1980 for market research use. Mr. Teblum has devoted a substantial amount of time and resources to the development of My Catalogs Online, which is also located within the marquee building of Mars Research and Marketing. Mr. Teblum graduated Rutgers University in 1981 with a degree in Accounting.