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Since 1984,,through its predecessor company, performed an exclusive IR service for a very select and limited group of some of the largest and best-known companies on Wall Street through our “Fastest-Growing Companies”, “Shareholder Friendly Companies” and “Exceptional Companies” investor relations programs. IR Programs have been so well received by IR and Wall Street professionals that most Programs became “oversubscribed” shortly after becoming available. Some of’s best-know larger alumni include Amgen, Applied Materials, Biogen, BMC Software, Cooper Companies, Genentech, General Dynamics, Medtronic, Motorola, Raymond James Financial and Rent-A-Center.

Ten years later, in 1994,’s predecessor established one of the very first financial websites on the Internet and has operated continually since then under the service-marked name, During this time, it dramatically increased its coverage of microcap companies. found this area of the marketplace to be grossly under covered and presented a few outstanding investment opportunities that could be identified if time, intelligence and resources were spent to identify the approximately 15% it the microcap stocks that stand an excellent chance of not only surviving but thriving and becoming successful. We found that quite a few of the microcap companies that ranked in the top 15% for their outlook went on to become industry and market leaders, amply rewarding investors willing to assume above average risk with exceptional returns. Investors started showing so much attention to’s list of small companies with exceptional potential that the firm started a sister site at to profile these companies.