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Category: Technology

0 founder’s space flight firm launches spacecraft to orbit, recovers rocket founder Jeff Bezos' aerospace company Blue Origin successfully sent an unmanned space capsule into orbit and recovered the reusable rocket ...

Tips for Developing a Solid Base in Electronic Music Production

Electronic music is the latest craze worldwide. Digital music production is definitely about passion, but it is also about knowing the right technique...

Hacker group Anonymous bares ISIS attack targets for Sunday

The hacker group Anonymous on Saturday warned that Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants are planning to attack events in Atlanta, Paris, R...

iPhone 7 to pack 3GB of RAM and a waterproof design

It is the time of the year again when Apple fans get over with the excitement brought by the current crop of iPhones and begin to speculate about how ...

LEDs: the little lights that save us all money

Once upon a time, the only LEDs most people saw were little green or red lights on the front of electrical goods or early digital watches and calculat...

Congress passes space bill giving limited rights to asteroid mining

The House on Monday passed the Space Act that allows private companies to own any natural resources they manage to mine from asteroids and other provi...

NYC hospital announces most extensive face transplant on firefighter

The NYU Langone Medical Center (NLMC) announced on Monday the most extensive face transplant ever done successfully for a Mississippi volunteer firefi...

Lake Huron shipwreck from 1913 found

A steamship carrying iron ore that sank in Lake Huron during the Great White Hurricanes of 1913 has been found.

Cargo ship that sank off Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin found

A sunken ship detected under 15,000 feet of water east of the Bahamas Saturday is the El Faro that went missing along with its 33 crew members at the ...

CIA chief’s hacked emails appear on WikiLeaks

Alleged contents of CIA Director John Brennan's private email account were posted on the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks on Wednesday.