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Fortune Minerals Limited (ALXDF)

Phone: (519) 858-8188

Fortune Minerals Limited (FTMDF) is a diversified North American resource company. The Company operates the Revenue Silver Mine in Colorado and is developing the Arctos Anthracite Project in British Columbia as well as the NICO gold-cobalt-bismuth-copper project.

Tara Minerals Corp. (TARM)

tara-logo Phone: (888) 901-4550 Tara Minerals Corp. has positioned itself with cash to define Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead, and Iron Ore structures that exist on its Don Roman, district wide, holdings located in Choix, Mexico. 70+ distinct structures have been identified within 8 km diameter of a centralized processing mill owned by Tara. Management is focused on creating long-term shareholder value as capital is deployed to enhance 100% owned assets through structure definition, near-term production, new discoveries/targets, and new acquisitions.The principal business of Tara Minerals is the acquisition, exploration and development of high-quality non-precious & precious metals and mineral projects with potential for economic commercial value.

Golden Phoenix Minerals, Inc. (GPXM)

Phone: (702) 589-7475

Golden Phoenix is a U.S. mining company with international exposure to gold, silver and strategic metals. We have a portfolio of projects in Nevada, Panama, Canada and Peru.Our growth strategy offers the potential for exploration upside coupled with the backing of production and future royalty streams. Our goal (and risk reduction strategy) is to own joint venture interests in several producing mines instead of 100% exposure to one project. We expect to replicate this strategy with multiple projects in multiple jurisdictions using multiple mine operators.

Marifil Mines Ltd. (MFMLF)

marifil-logo Phone: +1 702-562-4880 / +1 702-449-1704 MARIFIL MINES LTD. (TSXV: MFM) is a Canadian-based exploration company that operates through a joint venture model in Argentina, home of some of the world’s most prolific resource discoveries. By strategically focusing on high-potential joint venture opportunities, Marifil has been able to develop a diverse portfolio of properties, totalling more than 550,000 hectares within nine provinces of Argentina.

Ruby Creek Resources, Inc. (RBYC)

Phone: +1.212.671.0404

Ruby Creek is developing a gold property located in Tanzania known as the Gold Plateau. Ruby’s Gold Plateau Project consists of a property with a 10 year mining licence and a number of adjacent properties containing similar deposit characteristics. The region hosts extensive artisanal gold mining activities. Ruby Creek has mining and processing equipment on site and is restarting the test and commissioning phase of its gold production plan. Ruby Creek intends to begin a hard rock exploration program on the properties in later 2013.