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Apple to build its own graphic processors for iPhones and iPads

Apple gears up for its own custom-made GPU for the upcoming iPhones and iPads. After working on an in-house CPU, the Cupertino company is now developi...

iPhone 7 to pack 3GB of RAM and a waterproof design

It is the time of the year again when Apple fans get over with the excitement brought by the current crop of iPhones and begin to speculate about how ...

Apple announces USD 51.5 billion revenue and USD 11.1 billion earnings for Q4 2015

Apple rakes another fruitful quarter for the company. The Cupertino giant has announced its earnings in the Q4 of 2015. This includes USD 51.5 billion...

Apple introduces larger, faster, sharper tablet

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook launched the iPad Pro, the company's newest tablet with a larger screen, faster processor and higher resolution, during a pres...