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Can Religion Determine Health Coverage?

The health law gave a huge boost to insurance coverage for preventive care, requiring nearly all health plans to provide cancer screenings, check-ups and, more controversially, contraceptives, to patients free of charge.

The Supreme Court will confer on the specifics of this health care question Last Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court announced it will hear from companies asking to be exempt from covering contraception in the health care coverage of their employees. This comes only a short time after the Oklahoma Supreme Court refused to hear a similar case involving the ... Read More »

Tablets Now More Popular Than PCs


Study Predicts Continued Dominance of Tablets in PC Marketplace A new study by Canalys was released on Tuesday, predicting that in the next year tablets will come very close to out-shipping every other form of personal computer combined, attaining almost exactly half of the entire PC market (desktops, laptops, and tablets). This study is further evidence that the PC market ... Read More »

How Does The Media Cause You To Spend More During Holidays?


Focus on what you want, not what “they” tell you to want With gift giving seasons upon us, we wonder what the effect of different breaking news stories will have on the general public’s (and even our own) purchasing behaviors. What happened during the rush towards the Tickle Me Elmo in 1996? Why do people move their stocks after news ... Read More »

Black Friday & Black Thursday?


Some Retailers Will Be Open Thanksgiving Day With one day left until Thanksgiving Day, people all across America are struggling with mixed views about shopping for Black Friday. The reason for those mixed views is because of the fact that some retail stores are opening their stores as early as Thanksgiving afternoon. Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy are just some ... Read More »

Will the FXA obey the Head-and-Shoulders edict or rise to higher realms?


The Fed released the minutes for its October meeting, and within minutes, financial markets reacted negatively. By Tom Cleveland   It may just be a sign of the times, but market psychology has become extremely sensitive of late, following the Great Recession and the ongoing debt crisis in Europe. Within seconds of the release of the FOMC minutes for the ... Read More »

The Advent of Groupon Coupons


Groupon’s Lean into the Coupon industry Groupon Inc. (GRPN), offers one “Groupon” a day (derived from the words “group” and “coupon”), through its website These discounts may range from deals for discounted computers to half off your next meal at a local grill. It works by offering people a deal; if the minimum amounts of deals are not purchased, ... Read More »