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Facebook’s focus on mobile paid off in Q2

In its second quarterly earnings report, Facebook exceeded analysts' expectations. Facebook reported a $1.81 billion revenue surpassing expectations of $1.62 billion. It's the highest figure the firm has reported since its disastrous IPO debut. Read More »

Facebook’s New Recognition Software $FB

Expand Company’s Advertising Worth Facebook will soon be getting a technology overhaul that will make one of its most popular features more breezy; picture taking and sharing. Since the birth of the massive social media giant, its early popularity stemmed from the flood of sharing photos and tagging your friends. Yet this process has become somewhat cumbersome and Facebook wants ... Read More »

Disney Launches Competitive Children’s App $DIS

Mobile-Only Drawing Game $DIS   Disney has just launched a new game that is available exclusively to mobile devices. The game is called ScribbleMix and it is based off a clue-style drawing game where an opponent must guess a word based on a drawing and several words. The game will be available on iOS and Android as well as a ... Read More »

First-Ever Facebook Stockholders Meeting $FB

Facebook Stockholders Webcast Will Broadcast on June 11th Facebook has just announced they will be holding their first-ever stockholder’s webcast on June 11th, 2013. On that day, anyone can witness the meeting between board of directors and stockholders with voting rights. This is the first time the company has held a stockholder’s meeting since their IPO last year. Future meetings will ... Read More »

Facebook Now Has Verified Accounts $FB

Facebook Verified A Source For Legitimate Updates Up until people who were considered public figures or celebrities could be looked up from regular Facebook pages like everyone else. Now Facebook had added the new feature of verified accounts. This means that celebrities and the like will have a stamp showing that it is “really them” behind the account, similar to ... Read More »

Facebook Stock Continues to Dive Despite Popularity – $FB

Facebook Lost 31% of Stock Value Since IPO - $FB Everyone remembers the news when Facebook decided to become a public company. It was one of the first social media internet sites to ever join the stock market.  It opened at $38 on May 18th 2012, rose a bit in the opening day to the low 40s, and ended the day right where ... Read More »

Facebook Home Struggling $FB

Removed From Top 100 Downloaded Apps - $FB Facebook broke some innovative ground with the launch of the Facebook Home software earlier this year. Its goal was to take Facebook to a whole new level by presenting a complete immersive experience. From the get-go, reviews were varied, most of them negative. Yet one could say the most successful part of the ... Read More »

Facebook is a Fortune 500 Company For the First Time $FB

Facebook Ranked No. 482 - $FB Facebook has been officially proclaimed a Fortune 500 company today for the first time. Fortune 500 rankings are released annually every year since 1955 and companies are listed based on their total revenue. Facebook has broken the record for making the list in the shortest amount of time after bringing the company public. Google (GOOG) previously ... Read More »

Facebook Builds New Data Center – $FB

Facebook Builds The Most Advanced Data Center in the World - $FB Facebook will begin building its fourth self-owned and operated data center in Altoon, Iowa. The other three centers are located in Prineville, Oregon; Forest City, North Carolina; and Lulea, Sweden. The construction of the center will cost $1.5 billion and a source reports it will be 1.4 million square feet ... Read More »