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Google’s Android Silver program is on-hold status

Months ago, Google is rumored to be sacking the popular Nexus line in favor of the more premium Android Silver program. Now, reports suggest that the ...

Google Glass is now available in the Google Play Store

The Google Glass' development is an open book to anyone. It has been introduced in the wearable market with half-baked features and functions back in ...

Google’s drone-based courier Project Wing takes on Amazon Prime Air

Google has announced a brand new drone-delivery program called the Project Wing. As the name implies, this system is intended to compete with Amazon's...

Google revenue up in second quarter on strong ad sales

Google reported its second-quarter revenue surged 25 percent compared with figures from the year-earlier period.

Google reportedly working on TV service Android TV

Google is reportedly planning to launch a TV service called Android TV.

Apple and Google fought over talent poaching and acquisition in 2005

Before the documented war between Android and iOS, Google and Apple were battling over the best tech talent in Silicon Valley.

Google’s Schmidt assure users that their data is even more encrypted

On the first day of the South by Southwest Interactive conference, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt made it clear that their data is so safe that e...

The built-for-Microsoft Nokia X smartphone was hacked to run Google apps

When Nokia unveiled the Nokia X last week, it made it a point that the smartphone wouldn't carry any of Google's services

“Fancy” and Google Glass

An intriguing Match, a self-described “crowd curator” of fashion, brands, and other items of interest, ties together social netw...

The Google Car, No Drivers Necessary

Not only are drivers unneeded, they might be the worse option The search-engine-turned-business-giant, Google, has outlets in nearly all outlets techn...