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“Fancy” and Google Glass


An intriguing Match, a self-described “crowd curator” of fashion, brands, and other items of interest, ties together social networking and shopping. It allows people to pick what they “fancy” on the internet by clicking the Fancy link.  They then share it with the community and can buy the item itself. Social networking plus popular items equals big time ... Read More »

The Google Car, No Drivers Necessary


Not only are drivers unneeded, they might be the worse option The search-engine-turned-business-giant, Google, has outlets in nearly all outlets technological. Its Android Operating System dominates the market, and its Google Glass is one of the most highly anticipated, and feared, new technologies making rounds on the internet.  Yet, the technology that Google is developing that will likely be the ... Read More »

Google to provide free Wi-Fi in San Francisco parks

It looks like Google's idea of bringing free Wi-Fi across the city of San Francisco will become a reality. Google will pay for free Wi-Fi for more than 31 parks in the city. Google will pay for equipment, labor and maintenance for two years which amount to $600,000. Read More »

Apple iRadio May Launch Next Week

New Ad System $AAPL The buzz has been growing around Apple’s upcoming free streaming radio service-+, and new developments keep surfacing. The most recent one is about how Apple will monetize the radio service, and may be on of the biggest reasons for creating the service in the first place; iAds. The free radio service will come equipped with the ability to ... Read More »

Apple Products Will Be Banned in 60 Days $AAPL $T

Bad News For AT&T It has been known for quite some time now the intense legal quarrel between smartphone giants Apple (AAPL) and Samsung. It has now reached an imperative level which may have a disastrous impact on Apple’s business. A new ruling from the ITC earlier today, stated that several Apple products were infringing on one of Samsung’s patents ... Read More »

Google Glass May Be Banned For Privacy Reasons $GOOG

Google Glass Poses Social Threats Google Glass is still in its testing period; there are a couple thousand “explorers” roaming about in different cities sporting the new-age “glasses.” The product has not been released to the public yet, but people are getting antsy about these products being available to the masses, as they may be just as capable of fraud ... Read More »