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Mass. Inches Toward Health Insurance For All


Between December 2013 and March of this year, when the federal government was urging people to enroll, the number of Massachusetts residents signed up for health coverage increased by more than 215,000. If that number holds, the percentage of Massachusetts residents who do not have coverage has dropped to less than 1 percent. Read More »

The Green Plate Movement


Author: Tatiana Barrera Going green helps save the planet, and eating green may save your life.   In the obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease era, more and more health experts, and health conscious people are turning their heads to the disease prevention power of a healthy diet.   Many factors take part of eating healthy, and these are different ... Read More »

Can Religion Determine Health Coverage?

The health law gave a huge boost to insurance coverage for preventive care, requiring nearly all health plans to provide cancer screenings, check-ups and, more controversially, contraceptives, to patients free of charge.

The Supreme Court will confer on the specifics of this health care question Last Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court announced it will hear from companies asking to be exempt from covering contraception in the health care coverage of their employees. This comes only a short time after the Oklahoma Supreme Court refused to hear a similar case involving the ... Read More »

How The Antibiotics Business Is Killing Us


Action must be taken immediately to avoid impending danger Antibiotics have been doing an excellent job of keeping humans alive since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin way back in 1928.  Unfortunately, instead of using antibiotics only when they are absolutely necessary, they have been treated like a magic blanket cure for everything from the sniffles to legitimate, life-threatening, bacterial infections. This ... Read More »

Stay Away From Stress


It May Cause You to get Fat There’s not a single person in this world that will tell you that they have not dealt with some form of stress. The truth of the matter is that everyone has dealt with their share of stress. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Stress as “a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems ... Read More »

Can Bullying Ever Be Stopped?


Bullying is everywhere but so is the effort to prevent or stop it. Very rarely is an act done by one person with the sole intent to hurt another. At some point the aggressor feels victim, the privileged feels poor and the strong feels weak. Emotional insecurities, immaturity, the need to fit in or simple frustration can all be causes ... Read More »

Eating Healthy During the Holidays


Healthy Holiday Eating Tips There is a very good reason why gym memberships and workout equipment are sold at record highs during January. It’s because starting in October we seem to consume more unhealthy foods and a lot less healthy foods than we do the entire rest of the year. There really is no way around it. You can avoid ... Read More »

Make Tea Your Gift to Others


This Gift Will Benefit Them, Too In the past couple of years, researchers have seeing a growing popularity of tea. More coffee drinkers are switching to tea. Plus, now with Christmas just around the corner, maybe tea might be a good gift to give others. There are lots of different gift bundles one can do while at the same time ... Read More »

NFL Charity Donates How Much?


Not Quite 10% of the NFL’s Cancer Awareness Money goes Towards Breast Cancer Research Only 8.01% of the money spent on the NFL’s pink breast cancer awareness merchandise is spent on breast cancer research, according to a report from Business Insider. Obviously that isn’t what consumers want to hear.  With all of the pink pageantry put up around the league, ... Read More »

Problems (and Solutions) In Signing Up For Obamacare

A day after the proposals for background checks on gun purchases has been rejected, President Barack Obama slammed the Senate and described it as a shameful day for Washington.

Getting Obamacare online has been difficult but you can still sign up., the website created so people could apply for Obamacare, has not been working as President Obama had intended and at best, has been slow for millions of Americans. President Obama said in a speech addressing the issue, “The problem has been that the website that’s supposed to ... Read More »