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Apple’s iPhone Sales More Than Microsoft and Google Combined

Apple was able to make more than twice as much of what Google and Microsoft made combined during the last quarter.

Apple Encourages Use of Beats Music on All iPhones

With the decline of iTunes, Apple finds another way to bring in more customers by pushing the use of Beats Music on all iPhones.

Apple in talks with American Express for a plausible mobile payment feature for iPhone 6

Apple is reported to be in talks with the credit card giant, American Express, for its purported mobile payment system that is believed to be unveiled...

Which Next-Gen Tablet is Right for You?

The Next Wave of Tablets to be Released in October Amazon and Microsoft have both recently announced their next generation tablet devices including a ...

The New iPhones and Grey Market Smugglers

Smuggled iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Sell High   Apple Inc sold 9 million new iPhones after only three days.  The iPhone 5s, and the less pricey iPh...

Motorola launches iPhone and Galaxy competitor Moto X – $MSI

Motorola officially launched the anticipated Moto X smartphone in a New York event. The Moto X will compete directly against Apple's iPhone and Samsun...

Deal over chip production between Apple and Samsung in the works – $AAPL

Last week, rumors about an Apple and Samsung permanent break-up over iPhone and iPad chip production circulated the Internet.

Apple looking at new chip manufacturer options – $AAPL

Apple is in talks with chipmaker Globalfoundries to manufacture chips, according to an industry source.

Apple May Start Phone Trade-In Program

Trade-Ins May Boosts Sales $AAPL  A recent report has pointed to the fact that Apple may soon start its first trade-in program to date. There are ple...

Watch Apple’s Annual WWDC Live

Apple holds its annual conference to reveal the year’s most compelling releases and developments. Tune in to see what’s in store for the r...