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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to feature UHD display, UV sensor and Retina Scanner

Samsung is well known of having a twice-a-year release cycle of its top of the line smartphones. The previous was the well-rugged and improved Galaxy ...

Microsoft sues Samsung for contract breach over smartphone technology licensing

Microsoft Corp. said on Friday that it filed legal action against Samsung Electronics, alleging its longtime South Korean partner of contract breach i...

Jury finds Samsung guilty of infringement; awards Apple $119.6 million

Add another chapter to the Samsung vs. Apple patent battle.

Samsung to unveil two smartwatches at Mobile World Congress

Samsung officially announced that it'll will release two follow-up smartwatches to the first Gear.

Samsung’s new Gear smartwatch will run its Tizen operating system

Samsung's latest Gear smartwatch will not run on Google's Android operating system. The South Korean company will use its very own Tizen operating sys...

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may be fully waterproof and dustproof

The Korean media has been quick to report that Samsung is developing a waterproof and dustproof smartphone.

New Smartphones Will Be Curved

Samsung won’t manufacture the only curved smartphones. Back in October, Samsung Electronics Co. launched the Galaxy Round, the first smartphone to e...

Samsung Helps Consumers Get Healthy

The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers the S Health App to help Consumers get Fit. The Samsung Galaxy S4’s release date is on April 24, 2014 for six carriers ...

Leaked images of Samsung’s smartwatch surface days before launch

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is set to launch on September 4, but early images of the device are already circling the web.

Samsung’s smartphone dominance in India may soon come to an end

Samsung still dominates the global smartphone market, but it may soon lose its hold in one Asian country. During the first quarter of this year, Samsu...