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Empire Stock Transfer Explains The Importance of a Transfer Agent for Public Companies

The most critical component of a public company, once it has been cleared for trading is the “Transfer Agent”.  It may considered  the “Centra...

Bank of America Corp unveils plan for $4B stock buyback

Bank of America Corp's board on Wednesday has authorized a common stock repurchase program worth $4bn .

Millennials betting on stocks to pay debts at risk of losing money

With college graduates of 2012 having to pay an average $29,400 in student loan based on a study, more of these so-called Generation Y or millennials ...

Healthcare stocks on uptick

Investing in healthcare and biotech companies has become attractive once again after the sector bottomed out in the spring.

Medical Driven MicroCap Stocks

Two Microcap Stocks For Those Interested In Technological Innovation As the issue of healthcare continues to be a tediously debated topic in American ...

How Far Will Twitter Go?

Twitter wants to play with the big boys The battle of the social media titans was elevated this week as Twitter (TWTR) began trading publicly. Investo...

WIX Goes Public

Wix, the Free Website Builder Site Now Trades on The NASDAQ On Wednesday, November 6, 2013, the NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. announced that the website deve...

Identifying Breakout Stocks

What can you do to gain the edge? You wait for that fleeting moment- the time when the stock breaks through the resistance; it’s a breakout stock! O...

Holiday Time Means Travel Time

Top 5 Travel Stocks With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming soon, many people are thinking to themselves many questions, but one of those very importan...

Green Automotive Company $GACR

Green Automotive Company Green Automotive Company is a state-of-the-art niche vehicle design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales company, driving i...