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Additional School Employees Charged in Steubenville Rape Case

School Superintendent Among Four individuals Charged A grand jury indicted four school employees, including the school superintendent, after an invest...

How The Antibiotics Business Is Killing Us

Action must be taken immediately to avoid impending danger Antibiotics have been doing an excellent job of keeping humans alive since Alexander Flemin...

Typhoon “Haiyan” Devastates Thousands

Philippines hit by super storm, continuous aid needed “Super Typhoon” Haiyan struck the Philippines Friday, killing more than 1,774 people, with f...

The New iPhones and Grey Market Smugglers

Smuggled iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Sell High   Apple Inc sold 9 million new iPhones after only three days.  The iPhone 5s, and the less pricey iPh...

Verdict on Chinese politician Bo expected Sunday

Disgraced former top Chinese official Bo Xilai will be handed down his verdict Sunday. Mr Bo was charged with abuse of power, corruption and bribery.

Reactor 4 at Ohi Japan shuts down

Reactor 4 at Ohi located in western Japan On Monday stopped generating electricity. Analysts say Japan will be without nuclear power until December...

India successfully test-fires Agni V missile

In what would boost its nuclear and military capabilities, India on Sunday successfully test-fired a long-range missile, Agni V, from its eastern stat...

Palestinian diplomat claims Egypt vowed to reopen Gaza border soon

Palestinian ambassador to Egypt, Barakat Al-Farra, on Sunday claimed that Egypt promised to reopen Gaza borders without disclosing a specific date for...

North Korea reopens Kaesong industrial zone for South Korean businessmen

North Korea on Monday reopened joint Kaesong industrial zone to South Korean businessmen nearly five months after it was shut down amid rising militar...

EU finance ministers discuss tax evasion, Financial Transaction Tax in meeting

Finance ministers of the European Union met on Saturday to tackle key issues such as cracking down on tax evasion and the Financial Transaction Tax, o...