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Financial Social Networking

Traditional Forums:

Investment forums and discussion groups have been around as long as the Internet.. However, they fall prey to wild rumors, not to mention pump and dump people trying to tout a stock or short investors trying to trash a stock. Having a moderator may help. Here are a couple that have stood the test of time.

Newer and Results-Oriented Communities, Wikis and Forums:

To avoid discussion group pitfalls, newer communities and forums have found methods of rating contributions or tracking participants’ success in the investment arena. A high-ranking poster will be respected and followed while a pump and dumper will be ignored. Although not foolproof, this greatly improves the quality of shared information.

New Ideas in Fund Creation and Portfolio Management:

Some communities go one step farther and are set up to not only share investing ideas but to earn money for their most skilled members.

  • Marketocracy
  • Marketocracy was the pioneer in creating a meritocracy system online. Joining is free. Members create model portfolios and share ideas in forums. The original idea was to enlist people who were semi-amateur investors but experts in the field in which they were investing. This has evolved into a more sophisticated system whereby the best model portfolios are used to guide professional investment management at Marketocracy Capital Management (MCM), an S.E.C. registered investment advisor. The general public can invest in the funds and the top model portfolio owners are compensated for their part in managing the money.
  • SwingWire is a collective of investors who share market ideas, update each other on market conditions and movements, and strive to generate higher returns.
  • Covestor
  • In a similar vein, at Covestor you can match the trades of top investors.
  • UpDown
  • Earn money by doing well in their contests.
  • People and Picks by Zacks
  • The best members receive free products from
  • An investor chooses a unique symbol and creates a “Fund”. He can “trade” this and other people’s funds, or even combine funds. YoutualFunds are not real securities. If you choose to “trade” them, you will actually be using our software technology to have self-directed trades placed in your brokerage account

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